Be Food Wise

It is very important to treat our product wisely to ensure you enjoy your Oxford Pie treat.

Remember only ever heat your product ONCE.  If you do not consume your product after you heat it, it must be discarded.  Heating meat products more than once is NOT recommended.

All our pastry and meat products must be kept refrigerated at all times.  Each product displays a use by date.  The product must be consumed on or before the use by date, if not the product must be discarded.

We take the quality of our product very seriously.  Oxford Pies has spent a lot of time and effort to reach our goal of having a High Standard of Food Safety in place.  You can be rest assured that our products are produced in the highest of hygiene standards.

Allergen Warning

All of our products contain gluten and are made in an environment containing soy, sesame seeds, dairy, fish, seafood and egg.

Our Personal Guarantee

We are proud of our products.  If they do not live up to your expectations we want to know.  Please remember where and when they were purchased and call us on (07) 849-7516.

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