Happy Customers


"The Lewis G.A.S Service Station at Springs Junction is selling those horrible INSERT ANOTHER BRAND HERE.  Can you send a Sales Rep down there (tell them it's a reward for good work!) and introduce them to the awesomeness of a proper pie, please???






Malcom McLeod - 21 February 2017


"What can I say? Tasty meat, crisp light pasty, decent chunks of steak, AWESOME!  I just had to write to tell you that you make the best pies I have ever eaten, and I've told all my fellow Pie-Friends and after trying them they agree that they are good.  Please don't ever change your recipe! WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!"

H. Thomas (and friends) -  Te Awamutu


"I have tried many a Mince & Cheese pie and nothing has come even close to comparing with the Oxford Pie.  I now take my lunch break 10 minutes earlier so I can get to the service station before they sell out, which they all seem to do.  My compliments on a great tasting product and don't change a thing.  They're already perfect!"

Blair Manssen - Hamilton


"My partner and a Steak & Mushroom Pie and I had a Steak Pie.  It was piping hot, the pastry was crisp and there was plenty of meat.  the gravy was rich and tasty and just the right consistency, not thick, pale and jelly like as we often find.  I just can't remember the last time i enjoyed a pie so much"

Donna Friedlich - Taranaki

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