Oxford Pies are sold in many different locations.  We have many categories of customers with Dairies and Service Stations taking up a good percentage of our wholesale business.

If you are looking at stocking Pies then we are the choice for you.  Any retailer is welcome.  Oxford Pies is a large quality pie with the price reflecting this.

We are producing a product with top quality ingredients.  People will expect to pay for a quality product.  With that in mind we still believe our retailers should recieve a great margin.

Please contact us regarding wholesale of our pies and we will get back to you with all the additional information that you will need. eg: delivery, pricing.

We do not tell our retailers what they should sell our product for, we do however have a Recomended Retail Price.  Every area is different, our retailers know what will work in their areas.


We do have a distributor that services the Taranaki, Whanganui and surrounding areas.  If you are in need of Oxford Pies in those areas then please contact directly

Top Taste

53B Hurlstone Drive

New Plymouth

06 769 5976


Stevo's Distriubtors

15 Lowther Street


06 343 8348



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